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I seem to have avoided blogging in 2014; I hope I can be forgiven, as I was finishing my M.A. and submitting application materials to “advanced graduate programs.” My new year’s resolution is to update this blog on a weekly basis. Better late than never, of course.

Generally speaking I’ve started documenting most everything that I do, thanks to my shiny new phone. Said phone possesses a feature that will track every step that one takes, record sleep patterns, calories consumed, etc. It’s a part of a larger pro-social media “turn” that I had some time this fall, after taking a course on pragmatism at the CUNY Graduate Center. I began to think about ways in which a conversation can be widened through social media, and how my conversation partners might be expanded through channels already available to be. More on this later, possibly. One thing I found (and still find) abhorrent about social media is the threat of addiction that plagues my generation. I’m of the mind that one needn’t become addicted, it’s not the tools, etc. All things in moderation.

Reading projects for the year include Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and the novels of Henry James. The latter is slow going, as anyone who has slogged through Watch and Ward can attest; the former needs no comment as to its arduousness. I’ll be teaching my “Self-Help” class again this semester and am currently thinking of adding The Prince and subtracting Please Understand Me. It’s all in a very preliminary stage at this point, but I am excited to correct mistakes that I’ve made in the past, including limiting my students’ research projects to the topic at hand. It’s much less harsh than it sounds.

Happy new year to anyone reading. I hope to be speaking to you soon.

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