Smoking Found Object

Taken from a series of Post-Its found in a book, written the day after I quit smoking, September 16, 2008. I had endeavored to write down each time I thought of smoking:

11:30A –> Post-coffee consumption

1:39P –> Accidentally typed “smoke” instead of “some.”

3:04P –> Post-lunch. Trying to get work done. Would normally rush through QA so as to smoke a cig soon.

4:39P –> After reading a lot about smoking cessation, sucking on a tea tree toothpick.

5:11P –> Thought about new job prospect, reaction was to want a cigarette (*Normally want after I get a good/interesting idea / *Walking and smoking pleasurable…Ultimately, I lack the attention span for genuinely interesting thoughts.)

5:47P –>Anxious to go home

5:47P –>cont. — Why must this be the thing that I look forward to? (**Find something else to look forward to: A. Seeing People. B. Record shopping! C. Walking (w/o smoking).

Note –> Did I ever look down on non-smokers?

Today, NYC banned smoking in public parks and beaches. I know that quitting is hard, but at $11/pack and a whole city warring against you, it might be harder to keep smoking. As friends who knew me back in the day can attest, I was one of the biggest fans of cigarettes. A friend of mine even nicknamed me Serge (as in Gainsbourg, pictured above). If I can do it, anyone can.

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